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Starehe Mediation and Arbitration Center (SMAC) is a premier mediation and arbitration centre of excellence. Positioned at the Nairobi, Kenya, SMAC is a resolute in it’s commitment to advancing and enhancing the practice of Mediation and other state – of – the art Adr techniques. Our singular objective is meticulous resolution of Conflict and disputes that commonly arises among the individuals, societal,groups and within the intricate realm of organizations.

Starehe Mediation and Arbitration Centre

At Starehe Mediation and Arbitration Centre, we are committed to providing efficient and effective alternative dispute resolution services. Our dedicated team of professionals specializes in mediation and arbitration, offering a reliable and confidential platform to resolve conflicts.

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Who Should Register For our course?

Our key principle reads ” unlocking the power of alternative dispute Resolution in Kenya”. The following group of people can register with us:

Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders.
The program is set in a manner that guides if you are managing a business or endeavours or keen in exploring how Mediation provides protection the valuable assets while also fostering and strengthening relationships.

Complemplating a career as a mediator? Allow us to offer you a preview of SMAC intensive 40-hr in- person mediation program before you make a commitment. Gain valuable insightful skills with Starehe Mediation and Arbitration Center. Mediation is an open ended career therefore anyone can join it if you have a basic education background.

Advantages of our training.

– Court Annexed Mediator.
Our program has received endorsement from Mediation Accreditation committee (MAC), entity responsible in regulating, supervising and governing institutions offering training in Kenya. Consequently, our course is designed in manner that fulfills the training requirements set by MAC. The graduates will be subjected to an examination before graduation and receive certification. Our graduation is extremely colourful and perfectly designed. After completing our training, we connect the students to different Mediators for mentorship programme. Again, we liaise with MAC to immediately interview the graduates and accredite them as Court Annexed Mediators. The Mediators will have the opportunity to work with the judiciary or become Private Mediators.

– Master the art of Mediation and key principles underpinning mediation and other alternative dispute resolution mechanism in Kenya and the world. We expose the students to different techniques including role play and interactive sessions with team from the judiciary ( MAC, judges and other reputable personalities ).

– Confidently advocate for mediation. Equip the learners with information to confidently articulate the risk, benefits and possibilities that mediation presents, positioning you as a trustworthy advocate for transformative process.

It’s important to chart your Mediation path with Starehe Mediation and Arbitration Center.
Determine if you are ready to enhance your Mediation education, providing you with the insights you need to make informed decisions about advancing your career.

Receive certificate

We celebrate your achievements with a certificate of attendance and recommendation letter that facilitates you during your interview with the Mediation Accreditation committee.
– participate Micro-learning modules, questions and answers sessions, video play and other exciting events.

Your Future awaits, enrich your knowledge will Starehe Mediation and Arbitration Center. The centre for Excellence in Mediation.

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Six Eight Hotel, Muindi Mbingu Street

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